Joseph Porcelli


Arts Students league, New York, NY
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
New School of Social Research, New York, NY

Exhibitions/Gallery Affiliations/Awards:

2011, December James D. Julia Lamp & Glass Auction, Lot # 3251, Huysum Floral Lamp
2011, June James D. Julia Lamp & Glass Auction, Lot #2267 22” Orchid Bouquet Lamp
2010, December James D. Julia Lamp & Glass Auction, Lot # 2145 22” Rose Bouquet Lamp
2010, November Michaan Decorative Arts Auction, Lot # 1048 20” Bouquet Lamp
2010, June James D. Julia Lamp & Glass Auction, Lot # 2167 20” All-Over Bouquet Lamp
2009, June James D. Julia Lamp & Glass Auction, Lot # 2385 22” Spider Mum Lamp
2009 Aurora Film Festival Award Winner/ String Nation
1995 Art Glass Industry Awards – Best Video Program
1983, Bayshore Arts Festival, Bayshore, New York, Winner Best In Show
1982 Glassworks Mills Pond House, St. James, NY
1981 The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY “Brooklyn ‘81"
1980 Glassmasters Guild, New York, NY “In a Winter’s Garden”
1980 The Thirteen Collection WNET NY
Contemporary Art Glass Gallery, New York, NY
Glassmasters Guild Gallery, New York, NY
Heller Gallery, New York, NY
Branch Gallery, Washington, DC
Theo Portnoy Gallery, New York, NY


1993 – Present
Publisher, Glass Craftsman Magazine
Producer – GCTV Productions
Artist/Restoration Specialist – The Porcelli Studio
Evaluation/Conditional Reporting – Fontaine’s Auction Galleries, Pittsfield, Mass.
Expert Witness – David Bellis vs. Tokio Marine (1993 – 2004)
Prepared for McDermott, Will & Emery, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New york, NY 10020
Note: This case has been settled
Expert Witness – Universe Antiques v. William Vareika and William Vareika Fine Arts, Inc.

1988 – 1993
Managing Editor – Professional Stained Glass Magazine
Artist/Instructor/ Restoration Specialist – The Porcelli Studio
Judge/A Decade of Excellence with Alistair Duncan and Daniel Stetson - 1990

1984 – 1988
Contributing Editor – The Edge/Glass Craft News/Professional Stained Glass Magazine
Artist/Restoration Specialist – The Porcelli Studio

1979 – 1984
Artist/Restoration Specialist – The Porcelli Studio & All By Hand Studios, Brooklyn, NY

1971 – 1979
Lamp Making Craftsman – Glow Light, Inc. Brooklyn, NY


AGSA (Art Glass Suppliers Association)
AGA (Art Glass Association)

Authored Publications:

The Lamp Making Handbook by Joseph Porcelli, 1st edition published 1993, Arts & Media, Inc.
Jewels of Light, a History of Stained Glass by Joseph Porcelli, 1st Edition Published 2001, Barnes & Noble

Lectures and Workshops:

Designing Your Own Lamp – Glass Craft Expo ‘91
New Lamps From Around the World – Glass Craft Expo ‘91
Building Successful Lamps – Glass Craft expo ‘91
Lampbuilding Workshop – Glass Craft Expo ‘91
Lampbuilding – World Glass Congress/1992
Patina & Finishes – Glass Craft Festival ‘94
Tiffany Lampmaking Super Workshop – Glass Craft Expo ’98 through 2010
Difference between Doing Business & Making Money – Glass Craft Expo ’98 through 2010
Patina & Finishing – Glass Craft Expo ’98 through 2010
Fine Patina – Glass Visions ‘98
Tiffany Lampmaking – Glass Craft Expo ‘04
Secrets of Fine Patina – Glass Craft Expo ‘04
Tiffany Lamp Super Workshop – Skillfest ’02 through 2005
The Cutting Clinic – Skillfest ’02 through 2005
The Real Golden Age of Glass – Celebrity Solstice Cruise Line – January 2009/2010

Selected articles (Partial List):

Arts & Antiques Weekly – The Art of Paul Stankard
Arts & Crafts Magazine – A Look at Tiffany’s Bronze Bases
Glass Magazine – The New York Experimental Glass Workshop
Glass Collector Magazine – Shining Light on Tiffany Lamps
Contributing Editor – Glass Craftsman Magazine
The Gryphon Glass Band Saw – Professional Stained Glass Magazine (PSG)/1989
The Morton Glass Cutting System - PSG/1989
Specialty Glass/Hand Rolled Art Glass/ A Survey – PSG/1989
Discovering Glass Fusing – PSG/1989
Lins Glass is Back – PSG/1989
Kem-O-Pro Glass Finishing Compound – PSG/1989
Mottled Glass – PSG/1989
The Glass Angler – PSG/1989
Smooth Soldering – PSG/1989
Textured Glass – PSG/1898
Tiffany Studios’ Autumn Landscape Window – PSG/1989
The Art of Cutting – PSG/1989
Designing For Glass Etching – PSG/1989
Lampbases – Making Your Own – PSG/1989
Line/Design Drawing Tools – PSG/1989
The Art of Reproduction – PSG/1989
The Lamps of Frank Lloyd Wright – PSG/1989
The Odyssey 14” Geranium Lamp Mold – PSG/1989
Two Lamp Kits – PSG/1989
Uroboros Glass for Odyssey Molds –PSG/1989
BlackMagic Handpiece System – PSG/1990
Pro-Glaze Cam – PSG/1990
Omega Solder – PSG/1990S
The New American Glass Show/GlszsCraft’89 – PSG/1990
Fin de Siecle – Masterpieces from the Silverman Collection – PSG/1990
Sur-Fin Chemicals – PSG/1990
The Bevel Advantage – PSG/1990
Contemporary Glass (Book Review) – PSG/1990
Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany (Book Review) – PSG/1990
The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany (Book Review) – PSG/1990
Youghiogheny’s Stipple Glass – PSG/1990
The Kindest Cut – Survey of Glass Cutters – PSG/1990
The Pure Air System – PSG/1990
The Stanton Stretcher – PSG/1991
Chicago Art Glass & Jewels – PSG/1991
25 Tips for Doing Better Business – PSG/1991
The Beauty of Stained Glass (Book Review) – PSG/1991
Brassplate Engraving Company – PSG/1991
Lampbases – Rules of Thumb – PSG/1991
American Lighting 1840-1940 (Book Review) – PSG/1991
Three from Hirsch Metals – PSG/1991
Architectural Rarities’ Stained Glass Lighting Fixtures – PSG/1991
New Glass from Schlitz Furnaces – PSG/1991
New Lins Glass Colors – PSG/1993
Gryphon Power Glass Score – PSG/1993
Autograph Design Master Projector – PSG/1993
Stained Glass Painting with Richard Millard (Review) – PSG/1993
10 Ways to Lose Customers – PSG/1993
22” Tiffany Bouquet Lamp – PSG/1993
Armstrong’s New Cobblestone Glass - PSG/1993
The LaRand Lamp System – PSG/1993
Warren Glass Works Lamp Positioner – PSG/1993
Getting a Better Patina – PSG/1993
The Glass of Deborah Coombs – PSG/1993
Home Sweet Home Studio – PSG/1993
Representational Glass _ PSG/1994
Gemstone’s Bevel Shop – PSG/1994
The Dome (Review) – PSG/1994
Building a Frank Lloyd Wright Double Pedestal Lamp – PSG/1995
A Primer for Pricing – PSG/1995
Divas Glass Art – PSG/1995
Christopher Ries – Glass Artist Magazine/1995
New Glass Mosaics – Glass Artist Magazine/1995
A Primer for Pricing Pt II – Glass Artist Magazine/1995
Architectural Work of Peter McGrain – Glass Craftsman/1996
Installing a Decorative Door & Art Glass – Glass Craftsman/1996
Commemorative Window for the Pope – Glass Craftsman/1996
Glass for the Home of Gianni Versace – Glass Craftsman/1996
Building the Odyssey Wisteria Lamp – Glass Craftsman/1996
The Unleaded Panel – Glass Craftsman/1996
Planning a Glass fireplace Screen – Glass Craftsman/1996
Brilliant Cut Glass – Glass Craftsman/1996
Contemporary Stained Glass (Book Review) – Glass Craftsman/1997
The Berkeley Ferry Restoration – Glass Craftsman/1997
Gemini Taurus Ring Saw – Glass Craftsman/1997
Designing for Mosaics – Glass Craftsman/1997
Recent Works of Ellen Miret-Jayson – Glass Craftsman/1997
Hexacon’s Hatchet Style Soldering Iron – Glass Craftsman/1997
The Mosaic Project – Glass Craftsman/1997
Tiffany Filigree Panel Lampshade – Glass Craftsman/1997
Stained Glass Scalloped Pass-Through Panel – Glass Craftsman/1998
Marbles and Archeology – Glass Craftsman/1998
Final Finish – Glass Craftsman/1999
Chihuly’s Fiori di Como for the Bellagio Casino – Glass Craftsman/1999
Recognizing the Different Glass for Mosaics – Glass Craftsman/1999
Cold Fusion/Beyond laminating & Plating – Glass Craftsman/1999
The New Job Glass – Glass Craftsman/1999
Louis Comfort Tiffany at the Metropolitan (Review) – Glass Craftsmn/1999
Disney, Presley, Tiffany and friends – Glass Craftsman/2000
Building a Tiffany Pansy Lamp with Lins Glass – Glass Craftsman/2000
Brian Clarke’s Glass Wall – Glass Craftsman/2000

Glass Related Video (As Producer)/DVD/TV Productions:

Liquifusion/The Movie with Robin Evans
Torch Time with Molly Heynis
Get The Lead Out with Tom Giambusso
Flamework with Ron Bearer, Jr.
Fritography with Michael Dupille
Vitri-Fusaille with Peter McGrain
Glass Painting Part I with Peter Mcgrain
Glass Painting Part II with Peter Mcgrain
Get Fired Up with Lisa Vogt
Lamp Making with Joe Porcelli
Cutting Class with Joe Porcelli & Tom Giambusso
A Tale of Two Techniques with Joe Porcelli & Tom Giambusso
25 Pro Tips & Techniques with Joe Porcelli
Mosaics with Joe Porcelli & Tom Giambusso
Glass with an Angle with Kent Lauer
Secrets of Fine Patina with Joe Porcelli
Solder Savvy with Joe Porcelli
Resurrecting Tiffany with Joe Porcelli & Tom Giambusso